Every Argument against “Black Lives Matter” Broken Down to its Molecular Bullshit

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    1. This whole article is baseless and shitty. There are almost no facts, and the facts he talks about just go to show that whites are under-represented in gang shootings by almost 30%. However, the fact is that the other blacks Are over represented by more than double when it comes to the same issue! Please take your heads out of your asses!

      1. Just because your tiny brain can’t comprehend facts doesn’t mean you can spit your hate on some one else’s article.

    2. HAHAHAHA. Ahhhh, fucking retards. Black people, get your shit together. eye tired of carrying your dead weight. Next time you want to look at the person who causes your problems, look in the fucking mirror.

    3. To its founders,Black Lives Matter is a vulgar and intellectually dishonest attempt to gain traction for the idea of paying reparations to blacks.

      To the leftists in DC, who care nothing about black lives, Black Lives Matter is a vehicle by which to spread chaos and fear so as to get people to be willing to be willing to give up their freedom for the promise of security

  1. While only 13.2 % of the American population is black:
    67% of black households are single parent

    72% of all black babies born out of wedlock
50% of all black kids don’t finish high school
52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by blacks
45% of all drug offenses are committed by blacks
    85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks
    79% of all robberies are committed by blacks
    80% of all shootings are committed by blacks
    59% of all murders are committed by blacks
    49% of all murder victims are black
    93% of all black murder victims are murdered by another black
    33% of all crimes are committed by blacks
    All data was requested by President B. H. Obama
    All data can be found at the non-partisan website:



    1. Wow!! Crazy!! This just in…70% of white women prefer Black “love” over their insecure significant others!!! 50% of them will become pregnant by their Black lover!!! I

  2. Imagine that you’re sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don’t get any. So you say “I should get my fair share.” And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, “everyone should get their fair share.” Now, that’s a wonderful sentiment — indeed, everyone should, and that was kind of your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair share also. However, dad’s smart-ass comment just dismissed you and didn’t solve the problem that you still haven’t gotten any!
    The problem is that the statement “I should get my fair share” had an implicit “too” at the end: “I should get my fair share, too, just like everyone else.” But your dad’s response treated your statement as though you meant “only I should get my fair share”, which clearly was not your intention. As a result, his statement that “everyone should get their fair share,” while true, only served to ignore the problem you were trying to point out.
    That’s the situation of the “black lives matter” movement. Culture, laws, the arts, religion, and everyone else repeatedly suggest that all lives should matter. Clearly, that message already abounds in our society.
    The problem is that, in practice, the world doesn’t work the way. You see the film Nightcrawler? You know the part where Renee Russo tells Jake Gyllenhal that she doesn’t want footage of a black or latino person dying, she wants news stories about affluent white people being killed? That’s not made up out of whole cloth — there is a news bias toward stories that the majority of the audience (who are white) can identify with. So when a young black man gets killed (prior to the recent police shootings), it’s generally not considered “news”, while a middle-aged white woman being killed is treated as news. And to a large degree, that is accurate — young black men are killed in significantly disproportionate numbers, which is why we don’t treat it as anything new. But the result is that, societally, we don’t pay as much attention to certain people’s deaths as we do to others. So, currently, we don’t treat all lives as though they matter equally.
    Just like asking dad for your fair share, the phrase “black lives matter” also has an implicit “too” at the end: it’s saying that black lives should also matter. But responding to this by saying “all lives matter” is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It’s a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means “only black lives matter,” when that is obviously not the case. And so saying “all lives matter” as a direct response to “black lives matter” is essentially saying that we should just go back to ignoring the problem.
    The phrase “Black lives matter” carries an implicit “too” at the end; it’s saying that black lives should also matter. Saying “all lives matter” is dismissing the very problems that the phrase is trying to draw attention to.

    1. Exactly. Black Lives Matter TOO. So why is that not the slogan? Wouldn’t that eliminate the controversy and misinterpretations? But to KNOW that your words are being misinterpreted and not care about how you make those people feel, is divisive and counterproductive to the cause, because it alienates people who are actually on their side. Instead of leaving it as implied, why not explicitly state it so that there is no room for ambiguity? Of course, implied in “All Lives Matter” is that fact that “Black Lives Matter”, so why is one implied meaning valid but the other is dismissive? Why don’t we stop IMPLYING meaning, which inherently depends on the eye of the beholder to infer, and instead start saying exactly what we mean?

      As for your example above, perhaps the father was handing the serving dish to their child as he was making his statement, after realizing that she had been overlooked. Perhaps there was an implied “you’re right” at the beginning of his statement. Most people who say “All Lives Matter” don’t just go on with their lives as if there is no problem and nothing needs to change. I think the real point of the BLM movement is to address the killings of black people by police, and not the deaths of black people by other means or the greater problem of racism in this country which doesn’t always result in death. And while I’m sure that racism among police does lead to disproportional killings of blacks over whites, I personally believe that the true root of this particular problem is police brutality and abuse of authority, and lack of consequences for such actions. To focus only on the disproportional rates at which it occurs, is akin to saying “please just kill us at equal rates that you kill unarmed white people”, but that statement does not go far enough for me. I would like to see police facing consequences for their actions and stop unnecessarily killing and mistreating people in general, which would ultimately end up saving many black lives, in addition to a few others. We can address the larger issues of racism in this country in a separate conversation, but this particular conversation I believe should be focused around the training of police and the procedures they must follow when encountering any subject, and the consequences they must face for breaking from those procedures. To focus on race instead of the general behavior of police only serves to divide people who are actually in agreement on the issue.

      1. If you can Imagine “only” before…than why not “too” at the end?? You are the one implying you are so whimsical yet need help with what was the point of the slogan??!

      2. If armed gangsters can kill innocent blacks then why complain when armed officers who took an oath to protect and serve within that same community carry themselves to the same standards as the gangsters??! You have to live in that dangerous community but you are black and the officer has the right to make it home to their family…not you!! Yes I am holding the police to the same standard as an armed criminal. It makes ME feel vindicated

    2. That’s what ideally the BLM movement is about, but in practice the BLM movement doesn’t work that way.

      In the real world, BLM rallies block traffic, burn down towns, loot Walmart stores, destroy their communities, foment hatred, and kill policemen.

      That is the truth behind Black Lives Matter, and that is why it needs to be eradicated like the pox it is.

      1. White women agree with you!! They say it should be changed to Black Men Matter when my wussy of a man is at home and I am out and about!!

  3. Hi Michael- great post! I just noticed one thing that you may want to correct- didn’t George Zimmerman murder a 17 year old and not a 15 year old? I hate to even bring up stupid nitpicks like that, but ignorant racists will take any chance they can to discredit you or derail the points you made, and they are important points. Thanks for your work!

    1. Bryan, Zimmerman didn’t murder anyone. He was found innocent by a jury of his peers. Now, unless you have some inside information that not even the jury knew about, please do tell? It is more likely you gathered your evidence from the media and then passed judgement just like everyone else did.

      1. Nowadays I mean just like everybody else in this shitty ass world…the dumbing down of society!

  4. This is too complex to address in an article. I DO like all of the points that you made and it addressed what I myself have been saying about blacks murdering blacks. So, what we really need to do is look at BEHAVIOR that causes some of the problems that black people face. Mouthing off to the cops will get you arrested and NO, it should not get you executed. Fighting with the cops puts them into a situation of their life or yours. That is the issue. When it comes down to it, we all want to go home at night. The contemptuous behavior of black people in everyday situations has more to do with their formative years than what they have experienced to that point. An 18 year old has yet to see the magnitude of the racism he believes exists. How about being angry with the people who started you out with too few choices, i.e. poor, uneducated people having children? How selfish. This exists in the white community as well. And while the choice to have a child in circumstances of poverty may be the decision/non-decision of the two parents, it is a society of “haves” that has enabled this to continue by paying for it. When the black community sees that they have been duped by welfare, that this system is contributing to their plight, perhaps they will make better choices. Stop having children that you can’t afford, work towards the educational betterment of the ones that you have and stop looking at white people to save you.

    Also, I want to be clear, the shooting of Trayvon Martin is a travesty of justice. George Zimmerman wanted to be the sheriff and he stalked and killed that young man. No intelligent white person could believe otherwise. And if they did in the beginning, the behavior of George Zimmerman since that crime certainly has changed their minds. Michael Brown? Not the same thing.

  5. How can people not take this whole thing into respective. This isn’t just about black people, and this isn’t just about white people. This is about the part of community (white or black) that can’t deal with each other coexisting. My thing is I don’t give a f@ck what color you are, the only thing I care about is what you bring to the table of humanity. I’m white and I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. And I’ll tell you it’s not about your color it’s about what you make of yourself.

    1. That’s a lovely hallmark card sentiment, but much too simplistic when addressing racism. If black people wonder why cops “seem” more likely to shoot black people as opposed to shooting any other race, they need only look to their own neighborhoods and the reputation that is being developed there. Gang shootings keep the average folk away. When one person asks another “is it a bad neighborhood” they generally mean, “do black people reside there?” When cops respond to shooting after shooting involving black people, you can’t blame them for being a little on edge and perhaps even quicker to draw their weapons when dealing with young black men. The best that the black community can do for itself at this point is to begin speaking out, LOUDLY, against this continued violence in their communities. When BLM holds a press conference, counter with one. I KNOW there are more black people than show up at these rallies. One can only assume that their absence is a statement.

  6. What I find so irritating is that when a white person kills a black person, the #blacklivesmatter community are seen everywhere. Today I saw on the news that a nine year old black boy was killed by three black man, brutally killed. And guess what? NOT ONE WORD SAID BY THEM. Not one word was said by the community of them.

      1. Calling someone a liar for stating their perspective is a great way to create dialogue, Michael. Perhaps Cole has read some information that has swayed his opinion in much the same way that you read/promote literature that promotes yours. How do you expect to initiate change with others who have differing opinions when the way in which you do so is to call someone a liar?

      2. you’re a fraud and a little crybaby bitch to boot. as usual , (just like your ilk) you comprise stats without including per capita information which skews the results. blacks are 12% of the population. whites 65%. which translates to blacks committing 10 times the amount of murders. now go get your fucking shine box. bitch.

  7. First, im Black. Very Black. Born and raised on the streets of Philly—1 block from the “MOVE” bombing. Another “brother” Raised in this seemingly unfair society……However, I got off my a** and decided to do something about it. I removed my children from private school in Radnor Township, and enrolled them in the neighborhood very “Black” public school. Being that my wife and I have a business where we work from home and had the flexibility to do so; we volunteered in the school every day for 3 years and this is what we found: Black parents, Black culture undervalues education. Black culture cares little for their children’s upbringing. Black culture is cantankerous, boisterous and petty. My Black wife and I could not get more than 3 parents to invest in the infrastructure of their failing school, show up meeting where they ultimately would have the vote to determine school budget spending or even show up to meet with their teachers. Its as if my people think things are supposed to “magically” work—-but none want to put in the work—the tedious, monotonous, hard, glamour-less work. I have learned that my community wants to be given everything and it doesn’t and shouldn’t work like that.

    “Black lives matter”? not to Black people it doesn’t. The honest sad truth is that white people care more about our lives than we do.They go to school to become doctors to save your black a** when you get shot. They go to school to become engineers to build the bridges you cross to work and building where you can even go to work. Does “PO PO” clap at our a**es at a disproportionate rate? Yes–because we act like “beasts” at a disproportionate rate. Black people stop it! Brother Harriot–stop it. You know what it is. In the heart of your heart “you know how we “is”. C’mon bruh– we need to stop this pro Black victim BS.

    Now!! on behalf of all the other Black people in America—thank you White people. Thank you for your wonderful inventions. Thank you for the relative peaceful society you have created. Thank you for the hospitals you have constructed to heal my shot up brothers and ailing grandmother. Thank you for your generally kind attitude—clean neighborhoods and organized police force to keep Jameer, Tyriek…..Tyreik….Tyreek…..Tirykee…Tyerik, Dante, and Malik from coming in my home and killing my family for our “loose change” jar…..and finally—thank you white people for inventing the internet and computer to which Mr. Harriot was able able to drop his jpg. image, pay a host and publish his thoughts on how much you all don’t care about him.

  8. Wow, Heaven Research, wow! I once posed the question to a Jewish friend, “why is it that the Jews have been able to establish themselves so well post holocaust, which happened only 70 years ago, and yet the black community cannot seem to get past slavery?” Her response was, “what is the one thing that can never be taken away from us? Our education.” So, you are right on this point. And even though most anti-poverty groups will talk about education as the way out of poverty, the downright contempt of black people towards anything that could actually help them afford that Louis Vuitton is frowned upon.

    I rode the city bus for 30 years (did not own a car), so I’ve had an ample sample of the black community and their outrageous emotional behavior. That is why I stated in my previous post that the least educated should not be the most reproductive, that the decision to have children should be taken more seriously and parents (plural) should care about what they can provide for their children IN ALL ASPECTS, i.e. quality home, time, values and education. The no child left behind bullshit left out the most important aspect in getting ahead: good parenting.

    I find it quite unfortunate that you, Heaven Research, will be judged on the same level as the street thug, or that asshole Michael Harriot, ad nauseum. That is the sad fact. And we all must stand up for the social contract and let people like Michael Harriot know that he can certainly ask that we all come to the table, but cannot shove anything down our throats. That man is self-loathing. You are not. And I thank you. You see, I didn’t invent anything. But I care. And I am white. And what other white people see as my anger, black people identify as “passion”.

    P.S. I love the article about Diane Latiker. She’s stronger than ANY of those knuckleheads with pistols.

    1. As an adendum to my initial post; I would like add —that to criticize Black people for the sake of critisism, I believe, is generally unproductive. This was not the intent of my initial post as I assume was not your intent either. Unforunately, for many people; the conversation does end up as a critique of African American behavior with no true means of dialog on the matter.

      I speculate that, in reality, many people are not equiped to discuss these issues any further than a general critique—although I do not doubt such criticizms are warranted and do come from first hand experience—such conversations lack much in the way of productive discourse. I believe such discourse; however, should include what we do know of human behavior from a biological perspective. What I speak of is evolution; in particular evolutionary psychology, and even more particularly ; “environmental determinism”.

      In short, it can be reasonably inferred from some research that; the behavior we witness in many Black Americans to be as the result of hard wired biological processes. On the one hand, as Europeans faced “evolutionary bottlenecks” brought on by a number “glacial maxima” events which covered great expanses of the northern latitudes; European reproduction heavily favored the industrious and inventive; whose traits would have accumulated in those who found ways to survived the harsh weather. On the other hand; those in more temperate climates would have not experinced bottle necks brought on by these types of environmental pressures, and hence the accumulation of certain traits to predispose those people to a certain level of industry and ingenuity.

      There is a substantial amount of evidence in a number of academic fields which point to this type of conclusion. However, this line of reasoning is controversial at best and would certainly not be admitted as valid evidence toward influencing social policy–let alone causal conversation on the matter.

      On the one hand; such behavior could be seen as a deficiency in the context of many modern societies. However, such “Black” behavior devoid of Western influnce can and have shown to be very successful in other enviroments.

      My ultimate point is; although we critisize the behavior of many Black Americans; they may be no more culpable for their behavior than humans are in general for a number of implulses, and desires to which we are driven by. Such cultural behaviors and the responses we see—for example, oppositional behavior toward police and many other constructs of Western society should begin to be discussed outside of the framework of traditional sociological discourse.

  9. Just because more black people get killed by cops doesn’t mean the system is racist, it just means there are more stupid black people being ignorant and disrespecting cops and ending up getting killed because cops are scared for their lives and they are only human. Stop committing crimes and acting ignorant and you’ll stop getting killed too.

  10. Racism is natural. Your biased view on crime statistics is also natural side effect of arrogance.

    How about instead of throwing more wood into the fire, unite people, admit we arent co-existing well together and progress the human race?

    This article is interesting but I see it for what it is, propaganda technique to persuade the minds of people who cant think for themselves(they can, but to call it constructive is false), so they latch on to what seems like a good reason for controversy and attention.

    All lives do matter, seeing as race is not chosen before birth we get what genetics throws at us. That is a fact, not an emotionally fueled opinion. Laws of nature will keep going and wont stop for political differences and racial warfare..which is why I cant emphasize enough how important it is to re-prioratize our goals as a species moving forward. Time cannot be wasted on terrorism and racial conflict in this day and age of Technology, Climate worries, and space exploration.

    Lastly, my point is this; acknowledge we arent going to succumb to goals of eachothers race. Realize more important things matter..like making sure we as a human species survive. Once we start thinking like this, real progress will be made, and it will be good.

    1. EDIT:

      I will clarify my comment on Terrorism, we do need time spent on defeating them. There will always be Terrorists but to just watch would be ill-advised.

  11. You’re an idiot, Michael Harriot.

    Drawing lines in the sand to divide races through journalism – be it anti-black or anti-white sentiment – only serves to further close the dialogue between the races.

    The color of our skin does not matter. What matters is our intelligence, and ability to communicate.

    Consistently striving to identify yourself as the “black” one is enough evidence in it’s own right.

    Perhaps try being “the one”. Make positive changes through action. Not spewing racist rhetoric for blog views.

    1. You are the idiot. A oblivious idiot who is in denial. It is idiots like you who want black folks to shut up and accept mistreatment on a daily basis.

      Go F**K yourself!

      1. If ‘Speaktrue’ is oblivious then their not an idiot they are just unaware. And they said that people shouldn’t be saying that color matters, and that its what you do that matters. So their not saying black people should shut up, their just saying that you should make a good example of yourself and more people will stop thinking that black people should shut up. But when you say that they should go ‘F**K yourself!’ People will start thinking that that your dicks and they will stop listening to you.

    2. If only the organizers of Black Lives Matter would have invested just a little more time and coined the movement, “Black Lives Matter, TOO!,” then that would have shut up the racists and New Negroes.

      Is it too late for the organizers to change the name?

  12. Wait so saying all lives matters is narcissistic? And when a senator says that all lives matter(including the black ones) he gets booed until he takes back the statement and says that not all lives matter, then people cheer for him. And your saying its not got an (only) linked with it? I would love to see what logic is behind this because I’m not seeing any.

  13. If we’re going to talk about equality then let’s treat everyone equal. Let’s fight for everyone’s rights. Don’t pick and choose cuz your guilty of committing the exact offense you say your fighting against. Example: I challenge anyone to prove with factual evidence a single time that AL sharpton stood up and used his platform for the benefit of anyone other than African Americans? As far as I know he never has and therefore as soon as he begins to utter a syllable let alone a word, I tune him out. Practice what you preach, don’t do exactly the same thing u say your fighting against. Lead by example, don’t be guilty yourself. Again I challenge anyone to give me facts of when AL sharpton defended anyone other than an African american. Maybe it happened once but I’m not aware of it. If u want equality, I’m with u, but I’m not for standing up for 1 race, everyone should be equal. When that happens, we will make real progress. I’ll be curious to see who and how many reply but never answer my question. Im expecting responses but no direct answers. Truth is hard to accept sometimes. U want change, support everyone not just those that share your skin color. Practice what u preach. Black lives matter is same as sharpton, only care about black lives. If someone started Latino lives matter or white lives matter they’d be called racist. The fact it’s acceptable to have an organization 100% for African Americans only is disgusting embarrassing and not solving a damn thing. It’s reverse discrimination. How is that solving what u say your fighting against. It the same thing, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Stand for all or sit down and shut up cuz your not helping.

  14. What I Don’t Like About Blacks
    Posted by Zora Wheatley
    This is a reply to Jared Taylor’s article, “What I Like About Blacks,” which appeared at The Unz Review.

    In his Unz Review article, Jared Taylor claims he has a “reputation for writing rude things about blacks.” But I’d venture that honest blacks know that the critical and unflinching things he has written are true. In his essay “The New Black Double Consciousness,” from Authentically Black: Essays for the Silent Black Majority, writer and linguist John McWhorter writes that “when it comes to race, the sense that black success requires white guilt leads to an assumption that anyone who strays beyond a narrow range of leftist perspectives on race is either naive or inhumane.” I’d wager that “naive” and “inhumane” are two of the more polite words that have been ascribed to Jared Taylor and American Renaissance.

    Mr. Taylor notes that “deep down, everyone knows the truth about blacks, but a vital requirement for respectability is to pretend you don’t.” This is true for whites, but for blacks, knowing but denying this knowledge is a vital requirement for avoiding verbal or physical harm from other blacks and as a shield from shameful labels like “Uncle Tom” or “Oreo.”

    It might also be protection from the nervous breakdown that occurs when blacks truly see we have problems that have less to do with white people, slavery, or capitalism than they do with genetics, evolution, and IQ; at best and at worst, they are a combination of those things.

    James Baldwin was speaking for many of us when he wrote in Notes of a Native Son that he supposed that “the most difficult (and most rewarding) thing in my life has been the fact that I was born a Negro and was forced, therefore, to effect some kind of truce with this reality. (Truce, by the way, is the best one can hope for.)”

    The discontent you feel with yourself and blackness as a whole can be crushing. You discover that aside from the tall African tales of Alex Haley, Underground Railroad figures, and peanut proprietors, there’s not much there. And on top of that, these historical footnotes arise from a new world that is leaps and bounds beyond the stone-age existence in which your ancestors were found. As Baldwin put it, “It is quite possible to say that the price a Negro pays for becoming articulate is to find himself, at length, with nothing to be articulate about. (‘You taught me language,’ says Caliban to Prospero, ‘and my profit on’t is I know how to curse.’)”

    Mr. Taylor finds the way blacks speak English entertaining, and I would agree in part, though most modern black English is so dumb and vulgar that I wouldn’t be surprised if clicks and grunts will be making a comeback. The only black vernacular I find endearing is that of my late, Southern grandmother, in particular one of her favorite retorts, “I ain’t studyin’ you!” (‘studying’ means to pay attention to or care about) or the way “sure” became “show-yul” when she said it.

    Mr. Taylor’s account of the flashing incident in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district was entertaining. While it would not have solved his problem with the bold “blonde,” I’d pay him to say, “Stop yo’ playin,’ nigga, or I’ll beat yo’ ass” in his distinctive diction so it could be my new ringtone. Mr. Taylor writes that “ ‘black lives matter’ is so limp a white guy must have come up with it,” but I disagree. Think of all the possibilities that arise from that phrase, such as “Black Lies Matter” or “Crack Pipes Matter.” I’m certain that whites came up with those jabs.

    According to Ralph Ellison in his 1970 Time magazine piece, “What America Would Be Like Without Blacks,” “if there is such a thing as a Yale accent, there is a Negro wail in it–doubtless introduced there by Old Yalie John C. Calhoun, who probably got it from his mammy.” I completely disagree with Ellison. The effects of blacks on certain parts of American English are evident in a few places, but the history and development of English follows that of the white native sons and tongues of Shakespeare and Chaucer, not the assorted (non-written) languages of west African chattel slaves. This is one of the things that I don’t like about blacks; their tendency to lay claim to the building and resulting greatness of the West.

    Picking cotton, tilling soil, and whipping up sweet potato pies were helpful and important in their own way, but were nothing like the establishment of private property rights or the implementation of Enlightenment-era ideals in the New World, which guided the nation for generations. It would be akin to a Native American claiming that, because his ancestors shared corn and turkey with early European settlers one fine November day, they are as important as the descendants of those white settlers who would fight the British and build the America in which we live today.

    Some black men–though not all–define their manhood by their “manhood,” ignoring the fact that an anatomical appendage doesn’t build or maintain civilization, compose documents like the Magna Carta or US Constitution, or send men safely to the moon and back. Some–though not all–black women brag about their lips, booties, and hips even though none of these attributes is patented, and plastic surgery can now (sadly) attempt to make women into anything, even living Barbie dolls or cats.

    Mr. Taylor cites a lack of inhibition, cheerful spontaneity, and the paying of compliments as likable black traits. I don’t like the way most black men pay compliments. Even if they are genuine compliments, such as “I like your smile” or “You’re pretty,” the very next sentence is usually a tactless rush to judgment: “Can I get yo’ number?” or “Do you wanna go out wit me?” It is healthy and normal for men to notice physical attributes, but personality type, future plans, or courtship are alien concepts to many black men.

    When I was growing up, MTV and BET booty-centric music was all the rage. In the middle of the hall at school or at the bus stop, black girls would “pop, lock, and drop it” as their audience whooped and hollered. It always seemed so crass, and the highly sexual nature of it made me uncomfortable.

    Whenever there is an “urban” shooting, I loathe the bellowing black mothers on TV mourning their “good boys,” who were, so often, not good at all. I’m practically certain that those boys were at times on the receiving end of a hell-on-wheels beating with a house slipper, hair brush, or extension cord as those same mothers repeated the axiom, “I brought you into this world, and I can take ya out!!!” I’ve heard that one a few times myself while getting a whooping as a child with all the aforementioned instruments except the cord, thank goodness. I’m more afraid of an angry black mother with a thick switch than white public servants like Darren Wilson or the current unlucky six officers in Baltimore.

    Black men have peddled their faulty, highly inaccurate “hip and cool Mandingo” image to the world and, in some ways, benefit from it. Black women have given the world one of the worst character profiles ever: Grendel’s mother meets the matriarch of the film Throw Momma from the Train: fat, loud, snide, obnoxious, struggling, quick to anger, uncouth, and scary.

    A host of entertainers have profited from this black female profile, even white women such as comedian Kathy Griffin with her stand-up special, Strong Black Woman. It has and continues to be such an obstacle that any black woman who defies this characterization becomes a dusky, modern day Sisyphus.

    Aisha Tyler pokes fun at her lanky, “ass-less” body, enjoys home-brewing beer, and playing Halo. The Oreo Experience deconstructs typical “blackness” and “whiteness” with self-loathing satire. In “Rolling the Rock Up the Hill,” the author describes mentioning a production of the Greek tragedy Medea, only for the rock to roll downhill when someone assumes she is talking about having seen a Madea romp from Tyler Perry’s “chittlin circuit.”

    Returning to Mr. McWhorter’s essay: “[T]the reason black America fell so hard for the line that residual racism spells defeat is . . . it offers a balm for something sitting at the heart of the African-American consciousness: a sense that at the end of the day, black people are inferior to whites.”

    If you just change “inferior to” to “different from” there’s nothing diabolically damning about Mr. Taylor’s views or any of the distaste and frustration I’ve expressed here. If we accept this change, black and white people can begin to take race realism and historical facts into consideration, and set aside their feelings.

    Notions of good or bad, better or worse, and racial blame and shame hold down the collective American spirit, and prevent a race-realist approach to public policy. If blacks stop blaming whites for keeping them down, and whites stop blaming blacks for being stupid for stupid’s sake, we can consider average group differences, and then like and dislike each other based on quantifiable measurements rather than untraceable, disembodied doubt or disgust.

    The average black person needs a clear way to understand why blacks are, on average, exceptional basketball players, sprinters, and crooners, but not Rhodes Scholars or web developers. If blacks understood this without demonizing whites and Western Civilization, perhaps their lives could be become less angry and resentful. I know mine was after I took this approach. But I’d imagine that rationally taking the bell curve into account isn’t as fun or delusional as rallying for rights, reparations, and retribution.

    There are many whites, Asians and Jews who will never have the brainpower of Stephen Hawking or the ability to counter Einstein’s theory of relativity. That doesn’t prevent them from remaining gainfully employed or active at the head of their households. If your average white man was told that he wasn’t going to be a world renowned neurosurgeon with Patrick Dempsey’s looks, I don’t think that he would damn God and engage in daily shootouts with other whites or police officers. He’d get a job as an accountant, butcher, or baker and live his life to the fullest.

    Here I leave you with a quotation from Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son. I can live with the slight sadness expressed in it. Instead of filling me with dread, I can confront it and understand it. Baldwin and I also, like Antonio in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, realize that “what’s past is prologue; what to come, In yours and my discharge.”

    I know, in any case, that the most crucial time in my own development came when I was forced to recognize that I was a kind of bastard of the West; when I followed the line of my past I did not find myself in Europe but in Africa. And this meant that in some subtle way, in a really profound way, I brought to Shakespeare, Bach, Rembrandt, to the stones of Paris, to the cathedral at Chartres, and to the Empire State Building, a special attitude. These were not really my creations, they did not contain my history; I might search in them in vain forever for any reflection of myself. I was an interloper; this was not my heritage. At the same time I had no other heritage which I could possibly hope to use–I had certainly been unfitted for the jungle or the tribe. I would have to appropriate these white centuries, I would have to make them mine–I would have to accept my special attitude, my special place in this scheme–otherwise I would have no place in any scheme.

  15. Black IQ – Nigeria: Black Man
    Agrees With Dr. Watson
    “I Agree With Dr Watson” The Daily Trust (Abuja)
    By Idang Alibi

    A few days ago, the Nobel Laureate, Dr James Watson, made a remark that is now generating worldwide uproar, especially among the blacks.

    He said what to me looks like a self-evident truth. He told The Sunday Times of London in an interview that in his humble opinion, black people are less intelligent than the White people.

    Since then, some of us cannot hear anything else but the outrage of black people who feel demeaned by what Watson has said. So many people have called the man names. To be expected, some have said he is a racist. Some even wonder how a “foolish& quot; man like Watson could have won the Nobel Prize. Even white people who, deep in their heart, agree with Watson want to be politically, correct so they condemn the man.

    Why are we blacks becoming so reactive, so sensitive to any remarks, no matter how well-meaning, about our failure as a race? Why are we becoming like the Jews who see every accusation as a manifestation of anti-Semitism? I do not know what constitutes intelligence. I leave that to our so-called scholars. But I do know that in terms of organising society for the benefit of the people living in it, we blacks have not shown any intelligence in that direction at all. I am so ashamed of this and sometimes feel that I ought to have belonged to another race.

    Nigeria my dear country is a prime example of the inferiority of the black race when compared to other races. Let somebody please tell me whether it is a manifestation of intelligence if a people cannot organise a free, fair and credible elect ion to choose who will lead them. Is it intelligence that we! cannot provide simple pipe-borne water for the people? Our public school system has virtually collapsed. Is that a sign of intelligence? Our roads are impassable. In spite of the numerous sources that nature has made available to us to tap for energy to run our industries and homes, we have no steady supply of electricity. Yet electricity is the bedrock of industrialisation. When you agree with the school of Watson, some say you are incorrect because all these failures are a result of poor leadership. Why must it be us blacks who must always suffer poor leadership? Is that not a manifestation of unintelligence?

    In the name of international trade, bilateral co-operation, globalisation and other subterfuges, the norm in the world today is for smart people to appropriate the wealth of other people for themselves and their countries. But more among the blacks than any other race, the practice is to steal from their own country and salt away to other people’s country. Is it intell igence that our leaders steal billions of naira and hide in other people’s country?

    Anywhere in the world today where you have a concentration of black people among other races, the poorest, the least educated, the least achieving, and the most violent group among those races will be the blacks. When indices of underdevelopment are given, black people and countries are sure to occupy the bottom of the ladder. If we are intelligent, why do we not carry first when statistics of development are given?

    Look at the African continent. South Africa is the most developed country because of the presence of whites there. This may be an uncomfortable truth for many of us but it exists nevertheless. If the whites had been driven away after independence, we would have seen a steady decline of that country.

    In terms of natural endowment, Africa ought to be the richest of the continents but see the mess we have made of the potential for greatness which God in his infin ite wisdom has bestowed upon us. We have proved totally inca! pable of harnessing the abundant natural resources to become great. Today, there is a renewed scramble for the wealth of Africa. China, our new “friend”, does not bother about the genocide against fellow blacks in the Sudan by the Arabs who control the affairs of that country. They say they do not want to interfere in the internal affairs of any country. All they want is the oil in Sudan to run their industries. Yet, we blacks have not seen the Chinese action as an affront to our sensitivities. Every race takes us for granted because we are so weak and so foolish, if you permit me to say it.

    I am really pained by our gross underachievement as a race. Instead of regarding bitter truths expressed by the likes of Watson as a wake-up call for us to engage in sober reflection, we take to the expression of woolly sentiment. For me, this type of reaction is a further evidence of our unintelligence. A man of intelligence recognises genuine criticism against him and takes ste ps to improve himself in order to prove his critics wrong. But for us blacks, our reaction is to abuse the man who expresses worries about our backwardness.

    Other races are deeply worried about us because we are a problem to the world. We suffer from the five Ds: disorderliness, debts, diseases, deaths and disasters. Our disorderliness affects others or else they won’t be too bothered about us. Many are afraid because our diseases could infect them. Polio has been eradicated all over the world yet it is still found in Nigeria here. When they give us money to help us eradicate it, our thieving officials will embezzle the money; the virus will spread and endanger the health of not only our people but other people as well.

    Out of a shared sense of humanity, some cannot bear to see how we die in thousands almost every day from clearly preventable diseases and causes. For years now, our people die extremely painful but perfectly preventable deaths from buildings whi ch collapse because they were poorly constructed. How can yo! u tell m e we are as intelligent as others when we set traps for ourselves in the name of houses and others do not do so? Some people are extremely frustrated about us. If they have a way of avoiding us, they will be too glad to do so because we are a problem.

    As I write this, I do so with great pains in my heart because I know that God has given intelligence in equal measure to all his children irrespective of the colour of their skin. The problem with us black people is that we have refused to use our intelligence to organise ourselves socially and politically.

    It should worry us that we do not invent things. We do not go to the moon. Our societies are not well-organised. We have the shortest lifespan of all the races. Something must be wrong with us. Why are we not like others? Our scholars will be quick to say that these are not the only ways of measuring intelligence. They will quote other scholars to adumbrate their point, but the fact remains that we are not showi ng intelligence. Others are showing it more than we’re doing. If they are not more intelligent than we are, let someone tell me how to put it. God himself must be frustrated with his black children. They must be an embarrassment to him. He has given us everything he has given to other of his children; why are his black children not manifesting their own gift?

    A few years ago, the whites used to contemptuously call the Japanese “little Japs”. Today, the Japanese and other Asians have pulled themselves up by the bootstrap and have arrived. No one speaks of the Japanese or Asians with contempt anymore. When people like Watson speak about us in unedifying terms, we should take it as a challenge to prove them wrong by sitting down to plan how we can become world-beaters.

    If our political leaders are the reason for our backwardness, we should resolve to get the kind of leaders who will be instrument for our rapid progress. I may not know how intelligence is measured but my limited knowledge of intelligence is that i! t can al so be measured by the kind of leaders a people decide to have. If, for instance, our professors preside over the massive rigging of elections, it means that we do not have very intelligent professors. Such rigged elections will no doubt produce unintelligent leaders. Such unintelligent leaders will do stupid things which will prove that we are not as intelligent as other races. Do I sound confusing or intelligent?

    I am ready for some of our ‘patriotic’ intellectuals who will write and abuse me for the ‘outrage’ I have expressed here but I stick to my guns: we lack intelligence and as stated in the Bible, anyone who lacks intelligence should cry unto God who is the custodian of wisdom to bestow some upon him. We should go on our knees today and ask God why we do not appear as intelligent as our other brothers. I am confident God will reveal to us what we must do, and urgently too, to change our terribly unflattering circumstances

  16. One molecular deconstruction deserves another, so here goes:

    “The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is not really a response to whites who kill Black people. It is a response to whites killing Black people and getting away with it. ”
    Really? — How about the response to black people killing black people at a disproportionatly six-times-higher rate than white people killing white people and trying to get away with it? Where is the slogan for THAT?

    “There has never been a movement started by an underclass that has been accepted by the mainstream.”
    You do realize that you are accepting the premise that blacks are an “underclass” here. That, in itself, is an insult to blacks, because you have done the very thing that the “Black Lives Matter” slogan is supposed to protest, which is to separate blacks as a class whom the mainstream views as NOT mattering. Your argument against the devisiveness of the phrase, then, undermines itself.

    “Using the sound logic of the “All Lives Matter” argument we should also shut down the divisive insidiousness of Breast Cancer walks because they ignore prostate cancer and leukemia. All cancers matter, right?”
    In Breast Cancer walks, I would venture to say that there is an implicit high regard for the fact that all cancers matter and that breast cancers are one of the many cancers for which this particular walk addresses. Breast Cancer walks also do NOT parade under a slogan of racial division either. BIG difference — dividing whole races of human beings vs. dividing organs within all human bodies afflicted by a disease. You use diseased logic to justify a racist slogan, while criticizing an equally racist solgan — “White Lives Matter” — as narcissistic. BOTH are narcissistic, and black narcissism is no better than white narcissism. You fail to apply the narcissistic standard equally, and so your argument has zero validity.

    “If there is a segment of society for whom officers are the judge and jury – then they aren’t “law enforcement” officers by definition.”
    Your underlying premise is totally unproven — that officers are “judge and jury” for a disproportionate number of blacks. This just does NOT appear to be true. And it seems to me that you are begging for a higher standard of treatment whenever a black perpetrator or suspected perpetrator of crime is involved. You do not consider the possibility, for example, that blacks commit murder at a greater frequency and that this frequency increases potential black encounters with white officers who treat a perp as a perp. If a greater frequency of crime in blacks increases the frequency of encounters with white officers, then the chances of mishandled arrests goes up for this group, but it is NOT UNJUSTLY out of proportion. Rather, it is WITHIN the proportion of the group committing the most crimes. Trying to characterize this as racism in all cases is an overreaction, and blatantly ignoring the real problem. You might be more justified to overreact to the number of crimes that black people commit, and then get upset about THIS, which seems to be a more fundamental problem.
    “The reason Black populations are so adamant about highlighting corruption in law enforcement and neighborhood policing is because they are the ones who depend on law enforcement and neighborhood policemen.”
    And why would black neighborhoods need to depend on law enforcement and neighborhood policemen? ANSWER: Because black neighborhoods are where a great deal of crime occurs. And now you are demanding a higher standard for the law enforcers here. Let’s see, this seems to mean that you want higher standards of law enforcement (with zero tolerance for errors) for blacks, but a different standard is okay for whites. How is this not racist?
    “ProPublica recently reported on a study that showed Black male teens are 21 times more likely to be killed by police officers than their male counterparts, and the geeky, numbers-based site FiveThirtyEight evaluated numbers that revealed that 41 percent of unarmed people shot by law enforcement officers over the past two years were Black, even though they were only 14 percent of the population.”
    That study also says this: “Black officers account for a little more than 10 percent of all fatal police shootings. Of those they kill, though, 78 percent were black.” So, 78% of fatal shootings carried out by BLACK officers are shootings of BLACKS. This seems to accord well with the the statistic than more blacks than whites commit crimes for the same sample sizes. And here’s a big point: “Unarmed” does NOT mean “unable to kill or inflict harm” – it simply means without a gun or knife or another instrument. If a person has functioning arms and legs, then this person IS “armed”. If a person’s arms and legs are powered by strong muscles and quick reflexes to engage those muscles aggressively, then this person IS “armed”. If a person has appreciable body mass that can be accelerated and directed into injurious (even fatal) blows or holds, then this person IS “armed”. Why don’t more people get outraged over all the “unarmed” lions being killed or the “unarmed” rhinos being killed? ANSWER: Because many people understand that the body itself is a weapon, especially when equipped with strength, stealth, fear, adrenalin, and intent to flee capture. The human body is a weapon, particularly so in tense situations.
    The main problem with the ProPublica study is that it is ALL about race and LITTLE about circumstances of the shootings. If we did a study on sunny days and rainy days, how many correlations could we link to these GENERAL differences? Maybe, in a two year span, more white people than black people shopped at Food Lion for groceries on sunny days. Does this make Food Lion a suspect in courting white people more than black people on sunny days? Hardly. What are the circumstances that might underlie this SUPERFICIAL association? Data re-fabrication is a wonderful thing!
    “There is no such thing as Black-On-Black Crime. It is a catch phrase.”
    Simply denying the categorical utility of a phrase does NOT prove its lack of utility. Words and phrases arise to describe recurring patterns. Do you accept my saying that there is no such thing as man-on-woman rape, because it is just a “catch phrase”? I doubt it, because there ARE distinctions between a man raping a woman, a man raping a man, a woman raping a man, a woman raping a woman, and so forth. If we can identify a PATTERN of black men killing black men, then the phrase, “Black-On-Black-Crime” most certainly DOES have utility in the language that describes such a pattern. This is how we communicate. Do NOT deny the tools of communication in order to justify your claim.

    “Almost all victims of violent crime are victimized by someone they know.”
    Very true, BUT this seems to be true at a six-time greater rate in blacks, compared to whites. Hence, the utility of the phrase, “black-on-black crime” — a real pattern in the world eliciting the need for a phrase to communicate this pattern.

    “It has endured since the 80’s urging Black people to stop committing violent acts against their brothers. Those who raise this argument either don’t care to know, are liars pushing the argument for their own agenda or they are so disconnected from these communities that their voices are invalid anyway.”
    No. Those who raise this argument DO know, and they are NOT lairs but seers of truth, and they are implicitly asking, “Why, after all these years, is this STILL such a problem?” And now not only is the problem as bad or worse, but it is being swept under the rug, similar to the obesity epidemic that has only gotten worse after many decades of fanatical health/fitness consciousness in the world. Something more fundamental is wrong with civilization, and you are covering up this fundamental wrong with distorted verbal fabrications.

  17. No that is not truel, 70% of white women do not want black men. What is true is 70% of white, fat, ugly, desperate and low-class white women want black men.

    I won’t be back to read your response so, with that being said I will respond to your response now with: so and nah!!!

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