…And No One Came

What happened during the Black Lives Matter Protest in Birmingham AL

Michael Harriot is a journalist, poet and host of The Black One podcast as well as the cohost of The StayWoke Show web series. Find out more about Michael atwww.michaelharriot.com


Instagram: michaelharriot


5 thoughts on “…And No One Came

  1. wow, this was so deep and I’m sad that those people there let u down like that. They were scared. Scared doesn’t move mountains though. Thanks for putting urself out there when no one came.

  2. Wow Michael, this made me so angry and so sad simultaneously. Tears streamed down my face as I listened to this story. I was so hoping someone was going to step off the curb! Just wished I could have been there with you. You would not have been alone. I grew up in Alabama so I understand the fear but we have to look fear in the face and do something!! I feel your shame, anger and exasperation. So angry this happened. It would have been better to have no protest than this display of weakness. So sorry for this.

  3. I’m sorry…I would have laid down beside you in solidarity. Even though I’m white. And a woman. I would have been inspired and unafraid because of your courage.

  4. I WwasOULD HAVE LAID DOWN BESIDE YOU, AND BEEN PROUD.!!!!!!!!! Sorry you was alone out there, if that would have been for white protesters, whites would have followed, because I can say whites stick together, and some of them don’t be knowing what the hell is going on, but they are there to support their beliefs.

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