We are Moving

On January 15, 2016 all content on this site will be moved to NegusWhoRead.com.

What is NegusWhoRead?

NegusWhoRead is a place where writers, scholars and know-it-alls unchain themselves from academia, political correctness and society to become free. It is unapologetically black and unflinchingly bold.

We expect you to laugh here. We expect you to share new ideas here. We expect you to learn here. We expect you to be both entertained and educated. “Think pieces” will exist alongside ratchetness next to humor and self-help on NegusWhoRead. The prime directive of this site is only to be smart, be black, and be free.

NegusWhoRead is intelligent without being bougie.
NegusWhoRead likes a dry, red Shirah and would never drink Moscato, but NegusWhoRead runs to the dance floor when the DJ plays “Back That As Up.”
NegusWhoRead smoked a joint in the bathroom of the Louvre.
NegusWhoRead was the high school valedictorian, but NegusWhoRead can fight.
NegusWhoRead is smart, open-minded, loud, opinionated, accessible, educated and so black.

We hope you’ll join us.

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Rosa Parks Thinks You’re a Bitch

…Rosa was not just some lady who happened to be caught in a landmark incident. Since childhood she had a long history of fighting for freedom and racial justice. Her family were supporters of Marcus Garvey. She married an activist for the Scottsboro Boys and even joined the Black Power movement later in life.

Yes, Rosa Parks was a G.

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The Caucasian’s Guide to Black Holidays

With the rise in interracial dating and cross-cultural friendships, you may be one of the lucky few white people who are invited to a black family dinner during the Holidays. While the Caucasian Guide to Black Barbecues and the Caucasian’s Guide to Black Churches laid a template, the dynamic of the Black Family Holiday gathering is a different animal altogether. As a gift to you during this Holiday season, we offer the third installment of our guide to bringing the world together — The Caucasian’s Guide to Black Holiday Gatherings.

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I Figured Out When Donald Trump Thought America Was “Great”

Most people would wrongly assign the time of Trump’s “Great America” to a period somewhere during the 1980’s. After all, the official Republican party platform requires each GOP candidate to perform figurative fellatio on the memory of the conservative messiah – Ronald Reagan. But, whenever anyone removes the Gipper’s dead dick from their mouth long enough to wades through the actual facts of the Reagan’s presidential term (high unemployment,a terrible economy, Iran-Contra, the beginning of the crack epidemic and the drug war, etc.) they begin to see that the 80’s weren’t as terrific as you’d think they were. Plus, the decade that gave birth to Milli Vanilli and the mullet can’t be great, by definition.

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Tuskegee, Missouri and How to Build a Black Beast

Last weekend historic Tuskegee University celebrated its 2015 Homecoming in the usual style of an HBCU – unrestrained revelry flavored with the history and nostalgia to which the “Black Ivy League” institution is accustomed. The Montgomery Advertiser sent Albert Cesare – noted for his photojournalism and lack of melanin – to document the weekend, and he returned with what can only be described as a clusterfuck of insults and gut-punches meant to demean the legendary institution, and by proxy – her graduates.

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